Decal | 60″ x 13″


60″ x 13″ Window Decal

• Choose your color option
• Choose “Product Local Installation” if you’d like local installation at $4/foot
• or choose Large Decal Shipping ($8) to ship and self install
Installation should be done on a clean surface.
To apply to a glass surface, we recommend cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol (that way there is zero “shine” film on the glass) and for painted surfaces, to use water and plain soap.
Then, applying the decal and pressing it over with a credit or debit card over the full masking sticker.
Once you can see it has been fully pressed down, remove the masking layer and ensure all decal edges are adhered.
Allow for 24-48 hrs curing time before washing the surface.


Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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